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Comco: Reimagining Precision Microblasting

Top 10 Precision Manufacturing Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

Today, the trend of product miniaturization is driving the demand for high precision manufacturing equipment. The advancement of modern technology is playing a crucial role in meeting this current demand. New technologies are not only presenting new opportunities but also altering the way manufacturers handle conventional operations. Innovative machining processes are now offering various benefits, including improved efficiency, lower operating costs, greener, and more environmentally-friendly solutions for high precision manufacturing.

One of the key areas where precision manufacturing is evolving at lightning speed is unorthodox machining processes such as laser-beam machining (LBM), electrochemical machining (ECM), ultrasonic machining (UM), and waterjet machining (WJM). These unconventional methods are pushing the boundary of precision manufacturing beyond the current threshold.

Another exciting trend in this field is the rise of hybrid machining. It incorporates both traditional CNC machining and 3D printing solutions for an improved product development process. Manufacturers can have more control over the goods they create and can make changes on the fly, resulting in greater flexibility. It is also important to note that these innovations are not limited only to the development processes and workflows. After the intended product is cut, resized, or modified, it is necessary to finish their outer layer or surface to achieve a glossy, more polished look. Robotic-powered finishing systems are altering this entire process, revolutionizing the quality and output of the overall industry. Robotic abrasive blasting systems, for example, is now offering unmatched improvements in output quality, efficiency, versatility, and overall safety.

At this juncture, while manufacturers don’t necessarily have to deploy these technologies and trends right this second, it’s necessary to understand the future that their industry is heading toward. In this edition of Manufacturing Outlook, we have listed the 10 most promising precision manufacturing service providers to highlight those making significant contributions to the machining sector. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these companies are set to transform the landscape. This edition also blends through thought leadership from subject-matter experts and CXOs, with real-life stories on how these latest innovations enhanced their capabilities. We hope this issue of Manufacturing Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organization need for creating a precision manufacturing process driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Manufacturing Outlook’s, “Top 10 Precision Manufacturing Consulting/Service Companies – 2020.”

    Top Precision Manufacturing Consulting/Service Companies

  • Comco offers precision microblasting systems to texture, deburr, clean, and cut a wide variety of materials, from hardened steel to delicate glass.Excelling in fine precision, the company’s microblasting solutions are used across manufacturing and industries, including medical and dental manufacturing, aerospace, microelectronics, precision machining, industrial controls, electronics, and fossil and gem preparation. The company’s microblasting process is driven by four main variables, abrasive size, abrasive type, abrasive quantity, and velocity. By simply adjusting one variable, the blaster can switch from a tool that deburrs to a tool that textures

  • Expedite Precision Works is a leading manufacturer of products and services across semiconductor, medical device industry, pharmaceuticals, food processing, aerospace and defense. Their core competencies include micro-machining, custom machining, and the fabrication of metal and plastic parts and components, along with "light" assembly services. EPW offers a variety of high precision machining services, including CNC Vertical and Horizontal Milling, full 5-Axis Milling, Wire EDM, Laser-Welding, and high precision Swiss Screw Machining. No matter what need brings a customer to EPW, all customers can rely on the stringent quality control systems in place

  • A leading manufacturer of CNC machined components and sophisticated metrology fixturing solutions

  • Verto Tech Solutions assists in properly retaining and retrieving data that helps organization think through on how to improve operational efficiencies and profitability. The company brings deep expertise in managed services, network technologies, and organizational applications to bear on planning, designing, implementing, and optimizing an organization’s data center

  • EJ Basler

    EJ Basler

    E.J. Basler, a high volume machine shop, offers Hydromat, Davenport, multi-spindle, swiss machining, and cnc machining services. Our team concept ensures delivery of the highest quality, most cost effective solutions for your custom projects. Unlike other machine shops, we have the capabilities to offer a variety of services for your customizable needs. For several decades E.J. Basler Co. has steadily grown by exceeding customer’s expectations for precision machined parts through a firm commitment to quality and exceptional service. Our proven quality system has produced millions of machined parts with zero defects

  • Parametric Machining

    Parametric Machining

    Parametric Machining Inc. is a Veteran Owned Small Business located in Huntertown Indiana, just north of Fort Wayne. Founded in 2001, we are an AS9100D and ISO-9001 registered precision CNC machine shop built on solid principles of quality and service. Parametric Machining Inc. strives to exceed our customers’ needs. We serve various industries including Aerospace and Medical. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you

  • Phillips Precision

    Phillips Precision

    Phillips Precision, Inc. of Boylston, Mass is a full-service machine shop specializing in short-run production and complex prototypes for any industry. Phillips Products Division designs, develops and markets work-holding products for manufacturers. Inspection Arsenal™ for CMM inspection, Open-Sight™ for Vision inspection AND Laser Arsenal™ for laser engraving fixtures is a modular, magnetically interlocking, easy to implement, quick-swap fixture solution designed to help break workflow bottlenecks! You are guaranteed to process more parts per shift with these LEAN, low-cost solutions. The interlocking, quick-swap fixture system is LEAN by design and creates an opportunity for standardizing inspection and marking work. The two main components of the Loc-N-Load™ Fixture System adapt easily to your equipment. Install the docking rail with bolts or completely out of the way using double-sided tape. Interlocking fixture plates quickly secure and release with the use of magnets creating highly repeatable setups

  • Precision Engineering

    Precision Engineering

    Established in 1988, PRECISION ENGINEERING INC is a certified woman-owned, advanced metalworking contract manufacturer, delivering high-quality custom metal fabricated solutions, to support our customers’ complex supply chain requirements. As a single-source provider, we specialize in the manufacture and assembly of custom fabricated metal components and assemblies – with services extending to “design for manufacturability” and maintenance of compliance certifications, helping to reduce your overhead burdens

  • PRISM Plastics

    PRISM Plastics

    PRISM Plastics is a high-precision injection molder who specializes in tight tolerance parts for the automotive industry. We create essential components for safety, steering, powertrain, air / fluid, and sensor systems. Our engineers work closely with customers to optimize the design, manufacturing, and assembly of almost a billion pieces every year, as well as the tools that mold them

  • Twin City EDM and Manufacturing

    Twin City EDM and Manufacturing

    Twin City EDM and Manufacturing is committed to our customers – to their market and business strategy. We work at consistently reducing product cycle times and meeting time-to-market. The flexibility and versatility we offer allows our customer the convenience of parts being made all under one location. Verifying quality and certifying to our customer requirements. We work with engineering in the early stages of design to improve manufacturability to create a device or assembly that is user friendly, functional, high quality and cost effective

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